Black and White Creations

27 Apr


Here is another creative way to edit your photos. It’s a great way to draw attention to one specific item in a photo. It takes a bit of practice and a steady hand, but give it a shot. It’s a lot of fun and looks really great!

1.  Find the photo that you wish to use and open it in Windows Live Photo Gallery (WLPG)

2. Go to “extras” (at the top of window) and select “open with” and then “paint”

3.  Return to WLPG and convert that same picture to black and white(remember, you and access your editing tools by clicking on “fix” at the top of the WLPG window.

4.  Once it is black and white, open this in paint (the same way we did it in step 2) – now we have the same photo opened twice in paint, one in color and one black and white. At this point you can close WLPG so to avoid any confusion. From here on out we’ll only be working in Paint

5.  On the color photo locate the object(s) you want to remain colored

6.  Use the free-form tool(the first tool on the left column) to trace the object-try to be as exact as you can. To trace the object you must click and hold on the border of the item and draw around the whole perimeter-do not release until you’re completely finished tracing!

7.  Go to the edit menu and select “copy”

8.  Switch to the back and white photo and go to “edit” and then “paste”

9.  You’ll see the copied area appear, however it has a white background. Below your tools on the left side of the window you’ll see two options regarding the transparency of the background of the object. Select the bottom one. Relocate the object to where it belongs. Be very precise! Save and you’re finished!

TIP: One thing I would suggest is zooming in before selecting the area with the free-form tool. You don’t have to select the whole area at once. You can trace smaller areas and piece them together on your black and white photo-kind of like a puzzle.


One Response to “Black and White Creations”

  1. roy April 28, 2010 at 11:55 am #

    Thank you Hana for another wonderful lesson. Have a blessed day.Roy

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