How to Create Pop Art

23 Jun

The Idea of Pop Art is to take an ordinary picture like this one…

And put in lots of color and play around with the exposure to create a fun new image like this one…

Pop art is a really fun effect…it has lots of color and can really turn your photo into something new.  I’ve broken it down step by step so you can easily do this at home.

1. open windows live photo gallery

2. Double click on the picture you want to turn into pop art

3. Click on fix on the very top of your screen, this will bring up the menu on the right. It should look like this…

4. Click on adjust color and then go to the saturation tab and drag it all the way to the right.  To move the slider you need to put your mouse over it, click and hold, and then drag it to the right.

5. Click on Adjust exposure, this will expand the menu and show the manual controls for brightness, contrast, shadows and highlights.  Click on the brightness slider and bring it down  just a little bit by clicking and holding your click down and slide to slightly to the left.  Then slide contrast, shadows, and highlights all the

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