Panoramic Photo Contest

10 Jun

Last week we had a panoramic photo contest.  Everyone took great pictures and it was such a treat to see what you all came up with.  Here are the Winners.  Thanks to everyone who participated…and keep up the good work!!!


3 Responses to “Panoramic Photo Contest”

  1. Roy July 2, 2009 at 4:26 am #

    Hi Hana,I trust the Alaskan cruising is going well and keeping you as busy as ever.I wanted to thank you for all your help during the workshops I attended, and to tell you that since being back home in England I have been busy uploading all my holiday photos, naming and tagging them.One question at this point, I wasn\’t allowed to actually log in yesterday afternoon, apparently due to a fault, but never the less was still able to continue working on them. However this morning when I logged in every photo has disappeared. I know you said that it was safe to store them on this site, but despite my best endeavours it looks to me at least that they were never there in the first place – I am confused! Can you help me please? If you need any further information to access my site just please let me know.Best wishes,Roy

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