Windows Live Mail

19 May

What is Windows Live Mail?

In our class ‘Show and Tell’ we talked about emailing photos embedded in an email rather then sending them as an attachment.  The benefit of doing this is that it cuts down on frustrations because we are not sending a hug file, we are just sending a preview.  Then if the receiver decides they want to keep your picture they have the option to download it.  In class I walked you through the steps of doing this in Windows Live Mail.  Another thing I like about Windows Live Mail is that you can use multiple email accounts there.  So if I had a Windows Live email and a Hotmail account, I can set them up to both be used from the same place.  Windows Live Mail also allows us to work on our email off line. 

So how can you use Windows Live Mail at home? 

1.       First you want to open Windows Live Mail.  If you haven’t already downloaded the Windows Live Suite, you will want to do so by going to  Windows Live Mail is one component of the whole suite.  If you have already downloaded it, you can find it under ‘All Programs’ and look for Windows Live. 

2.       When you open Windows Live Mail you will be prompted to sign in with your Windows Live ID and password.  This is something you already created in another class.  If you don’t have one you can look at the handouts that are posted on this site and find the one called ‘A Space to Call my Own’ and follow the steps. 

3.       Once you are signed in you can add multiple email accounts by looking on the left hand side, towards the bottom, you will see a little blue link that says ‘add email account’.  After you click on that, you will be prompted to enter the email account you want to add as well as the password.  Then you will have the choice to click download.  It will be located towards the top of the screen, and this will download all of your mail, so you can then work with it offline. 


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