Printing Guide

30 Apr

In Class the other day we talked about our options for printing.  I’ve included some information I think you’ll find helpful:


Which Printing Paper Should I Choose???

HP Premium PluS Photo Paper:   

·         HP’s best photo paper.  Because of its special coating, this paper has exceptional fade resistancce and produces vibrant, professional-quality photos that last for generations.

·         Use it for important events, photos you’ll frame, photo albums, scrapbooks, and photo gifts.

·         Available in 4”x6”, 5”x7”, 4”x12”, 8.5”x11”, 11”x17”, 13”x19”

HP Premium Photo Paper:    

·         Designed to look and feel like a traditional photograph.

·         Use it for enlargements, photo albums, calendars.

·         Available in 4”x6”, 8.5”x11”


HP Advanced Photo Paper:

·        Heavier photo paper, dries instantly and resists smudging.  Great for printing in humid environments.

·        Use it for framing under glass, photos for party guests, and photos for kids.

·        Available in 4”x6”, 5”x7”, 8.5”x11”, 13”x19”


HP Everyday Photo Paper:

·         An affordable alternative to plain paper.  Thicker than plain paper so colors don’t show through to the opposite side. 

·         Use it for displaying pictures on the refrigerator, school projects, holiday letters, news letters. 

·         Available in 4”x6”, 8.5”x11”


HP Premium Photo Cards:

·         Great for personalized cards.  Professional quality sheen. 

·         Use it for wedding anouncements, greeting cards, baby announcements. 

·         Available in 4”x8” with envelopes. 


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